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Include any/all of the following:

Mix notes

Rough Mix

Reference Mixes

Specify what passes you will want printed aside from the main pass (Example: TV track,  Instrumental, a cappella, clean, TV clean etc.) 


When requesting clean versions: Include a lyric sheet highlighting the words that need to be edited. 

TV/Show tracks will be printed with only the lead vocal muted unless instructed otherwise.

If you will be needing mix stems please indicate that when you deliver the files. We will print up to 10 stems when requested within 30 days of approved work. Additional stems can be added and the fee will be determined based on the scope of work. 

Standard Stems: 

  1. Kick drum (combined if several) 

  2. Snare and clap (combined)

  3. High hats, shakers, cymbals

  4. Remaining drums 

  5. Sub bass (by itself)

  6. Regular bass (by itself)

  7. Synths and Instruments

  8. Transitional Effects (white noise, filter sweeps, builds, etc..) 

  9. Lead vocals

  10. Background vocals 

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