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Successful creative endeavors are often only possible through collaboration with trusted, trained, talented people who play their part.  

Each person on our creative team offers an invaluable depth of knowledge and

experience in the facets of the music creation process they focus on.

In other words we know how to play our part and play it well. 

Recording Studio


Enhancing the dynamics and nuances of a recording while maintaining the creative integrity of the production decisions can be a delicate balance. The right mix engineer will find that balance and shape a record in a way that connects your audience and captures the intended feeling.  We assure the sonics of your work are up to any professional standard.


Technology continues to change everything and fewer things have changed with technology as much as the music creation process. When out team started they could not fathom some of the things technology has allowed and now it is second nature.  Today Atmos and immersive audio are new buzz words and the reasons are valid. The enhanced audio experience they offer allows engineers to go way deeper into enhancing the listening experience. Our engineers have been on the forefront of this technology and have already  incorporated Atmos mixing and mastering into many projects. 


Our pool of mix engineers is diverse and their collective experience spans

almost every genre under the sun. 


Their obsessive dedication to the craft of mixing

(and decades of ear training)

bring value to a release that is undeniable.  

Music Recording Studio


Mastering is the final step determining how your music will translate within the infinite ways and environments music is consumed. 


During mastering, volume limits are pushed without a loss in dynamics accomplished the mix. It will also allow for any depth created to exist regardless of how loud or low the volume is when a song is played and helps to achieve cohesiveness throughout a project.

Skills in mastering can only be sharpened by training your ears and studying the science behind the sonics of the mastering process. 

Sound Equipment


A handful of our producers and engineers offer instructional lessons. Each lesson is an opportunity to learn more about topics such as recording, mixing, mastering, music production and sound design.


Lessons are offered virtually in one on one and group settings.  We cater the lessons to individuals at all levels of career and skillset.


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DJ Headphones

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