Mixing Procedure & Booking Policies 

Mixes are delivered as a final 2 track mix, ProTools files are not included. 

Unless stated otherwise your mix fee includes the following: 


Up to 10 stems

We will automatically print 10 standard stems unless alternate request is made.

Additional fees may apply for additional stems requested or stems and passes requested after 30 days of mix delivery.

See file delivery document for detailed information on alternate pass requests.

Revision Policy 

Up to two rounds of revisions

We recommend listening to the song on multiple familiar systems and environments before approving a mix. If you have revisions we request they are submitted within 48 hours after the first draft of a mix is delivered (per song).  Arrangements may be made to extend the time if requested. We ask you let us know within 24 hours of receiving the files if you will need more review time. 

All revisions should be submitted in bullet point format and consolidated into one email for each round. We ask you submit revisions within 48 hours or let us know if more time is needed so we can schedule accordingly. Revisions mentioned in the initial notes will be made at no additional charge. We will include a second round of changes provided we are addressing issues from the first round. Additional revisions can be done upon request at the rate ranges between $125- $150 per hour (depending on the engineer) and there is a 1 hour minimum charge.

We require engineers and assistants are properly credited in physical and digital format. 

Mix credit should read Mixed by (mix engineer's name) for Create Major, Inc.

If we are mastering the work please include Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez for Create Major, Inc.

We will inform you if there is additional credit needed for any assistant engineer(s).


Single songs cannot be booked once invoice has been paid in full and the files are received.

as specified.


Album payment terms can be discussed based on the scope of work. All quotes are valid for 30 days and any discounts offered are based on the specific terms of that offer and may not apply to altered or future work.

Once a mix has begun if there is a need to change the files in any way an additional fee may apply. (ex: production change, edit or alternate files). Significant changes to the songs production, arrangement, editing or re-records may result in a full recharge of the service. This can be discussed on a case by case basis before work will continue. Vocal tuning and editing is not included in mix fee. We do not offer refunds for any reason. 

To request an invoice please send us the following information

Company Name (If Applicable):

Billing Name:



Email address(es) to send completed work: 

Email address(es) to send invoice (if different from above):

Project title:

For each song please include the below

Artist Name:

Song Title:


Planned releases date (if applicable):

Payment methods 

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express Bank Transfers, Zelle, Quickpay and ACH payments. By default all invoices will include a 3.4% merchant service fee for electronic processing (credit/debit card) and include a link to process the payment electronically. If you prefer to not pay on a card please let us know and we will adjust the invoice accordingly and provide you with information necessary to proceed with your preferred payment method.

Reach out if you have any questions! juliet@createmajor.com 347.239.8362